conversation 対話 contemporary jewelry



2018/10/27 sat.~11/06 tue.


最終日は17:00まで*1027日(土)18:00 Nicoleを迎えてレセプションを行います。


2018/10/27sat - 11/06tue

15: 00−20: 00( mon-fri) 13: 00−19: 00( sat, sun, national holiday)


11/06tue 15:00-17:00 *10/27sat 18:00 ~vernissage with curators





欧州サイドのキュレーションをNicole Schusterが担当しております。

Conversation is the exhibition focus on the philosophy of each artist from Japan and Europe. It is also the aim of contemporary jewelry and layers in the relation of the artist to the piece, the dialogue between the jewel and the wearer and towards the viewer. Showing a diversity of expression, the selected artists have very different approaches and material choices.Some works are conceptual, some more instinctive. Materials, natural and artificial, can be chosen to shape an idea through and because of its characteristics, others start by exploring its possibilities or transforming it into something unfamiliar.But all are connected by the aim of conversing with the observer, may it be a play with illusions and expectations, displaying or questioning symbols and icons, describing thoughts, moments or transitions, or ivitations to dive into another world... Hatsuko Kobayashi curated the artists from Japan, Nicole Schuster the European.

Julia Maria Künnap – Estonia

Graduate, Estonian Academy of Arts

Schmuck Herbert Hofmann Prize-2018/Germany

Sienna Patti Contemporary-2018/USA 


 Carina Shoshtary – Germany

Graduate, Academy of Fine Arts Munich

Art Jewelry Forum Artist Award Finalist-2017/USA

Project Grant for Fine Arts, Munich-2017/Germany

Bavarian State Prize for Emerging Designers/Germany


Daniel Michel - Germany

Graduate, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

Grand Prix and Award of Six Group, Fesitival of Silver-2014/Poland

Nominee, Förderpreise der Stadt München-2016/Germany

Talente, Schmuck Munich-2011/Gernany


Sara Gackowska - Poland

Graduate, M.A. Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

Loewe Craft Price Finalist-2018/England

Scholarship “Young Poland”-2017/Poland

Mari Funkai Award, Emerging Prize-2014/Australia


Nicole Schuster – Germany

Graduate, Pforzheim University of Design, Jewellery&Objects

Alliages Legacy Choice Award, JOYA-2016/Spain

Brand New Copenhagen-2013/Denmark

Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Honourable Mention-2013/Korea





Schmuck Hebert Hofmann Prize -2013/ ドイツ

Schmuck 2018 入選-2018/ ドイツ

National Museums Scotland Collection/ スコットランド  


Graduate, Tokyo University of the Arts

Schmuck Hebert Hofmann Prize -2013/Germany

Schmuck 2018 Selected -2018/Germany

National Museums Scotland1Collection

World Jewellery Museum/ Korea 




JJA ジュエリーデザインアワード入賞- 2007, 2012

日本ジュエリーアート展入賞- 2012

Schmuck2018 入選-2018/ ドイツ

Venice Project 2017/Collaboration

Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch collection

Graduate, Kyoto University Art & Design

Japan Jewelry Arts Award, selected - 2007, 2012

Venice Project 2017/Collaboration

JJDA selected – 2012

Schmuck2018 selected -2018/ Germany

Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch collection /Holand




日本ジュエリーアート展入賞- 2010

伊丹国際クラフト展準大賞-2015/ 日本

not so bud?-2018 / 日本

伊丹国際クラフト展入賞-2017/ 日本 

deux paysages -2018 / 日本

Graduate, Itami Jewelry college

Japan Jewelry Arts Award, selected-2010

Itami Ineternational Craft Exhibitiond 2nd. Best overall -2015

Itami Ineternational Craft Exhibitiond, selected -2017

not so bud ?-2018 / solo exhibition

deux paysages -2018 / duo exhibition  





伊丹国際クラフト展入選-2015/ 日本

26 回公募日本ジュエリーアート展入選日本

59 UR「杜」のジュエリー展日本

Graduate, Tokyo University of the Arts

Itami Ineternational Craft Exhibitiond, selected -2015

Japan Jewelry Arts Award, selected

59th. URMoriJewelry exhibition/

International Jewelry Exhibition





“Jewels for The Ladies” - 2013/ ベルギー

伊丹国際クラフト展入選-2017/ 日本

Schmuck2018 入選-2018/ ドイツ

deux paysages -2018 / 日本

Graduate, Tama Art University,

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

“Jewels for The Ladies” - 2013/Group exhibition, Belgium

Itami Ineternational Craft Exhibitiond, selected -2017

Schmuck2018 selected -2018/Germany

deux paysages -2018 / duo exhibition