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2019 / 11 /16 sat-11/24 sun

weekday 15:00-20:00 weekend ・ holiday 13:00-19:00

mon ・wed 休廊 最終日は17:00まで


I used enamel in different ways to make my piece. I used a technique which defies the material’s usual usage method.The flames change the material’s composition, inspiring me with new ideas. 
The pieces portray a small garden designed by mankind, but shaped/molded by nature. The jewelry presents signs of alterations due to the flames that burn the material. With time, the pieces change to reveal nature’s work at hand. The works of both nature and mankind reveal the true beauty and peacefulness of the garden.




後援 ベルギー王国大使館




“Jewels for The Ladies” - 2013/ ベルギー

伊丹国際クラフト展入選-2017/ 日本

Schmuck2018 入選-2018/ ドイツ

coversation-2018 / 日本 

deux paysages -2018 / 日本


Hatsuko Kobyashi

Graduate, Tama Art University,

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

“Jewels for The Ladies” - 2013/Group exhibition, Belgium

Itami Ineternational Craft Exhibitiond, selected -2017

Schmuck2018 selected -2018/Germany

deux paysages -2018 / duo exhibition